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sky in Pinehurst, California

Bachrun LoMele is a fine artist, and former Brooklyn, New York-based illustrator.  His Sierra Nevada designs capture a bit of the feeling of being here: the thrill, the wonder, the freedom of being outside in nature.

In 2008, Bachrun and Mahalia opened Fivespot Cabin to vacationers staying in Pinehurst to visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.


Just 15 minutes away from the Big Stump entrance to the Parks, Fivespot proved to be a happy place for visitors in all seasons, and so, in 2016, Merrynook Cabin was established next door.


In 2020, Bachrun began designing small, decorative patterns inspired by the creatures and plants surrounding us in the mountain forest. An ecosystem of Pinehurst prints was born. They, and more of Bachrun's prints and original work, are offered at our Honor System Gift Shop at the cabins, and now, online.

We hope you are delighted by Bachrun's designs. Whether you pick your favorite design, or all of them, you will be taking that special mountain cabin feeling home.

Pinehurst California Cabins.png

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